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Artist Statement

As an artist, I gain inspiration from everyday experiences with nature. My oil paintings serve as windows out to the landscape while including the impact that nature can have on our psyche. With a large focus on the color blue, I bring in my own emotional connection with the natural world, as well as capture a dramatized version of the logical landscape.


The works were originally greatly inspired by representation. As I went about my daily life, I would snap photographs of the scenery around me. These images would then become the base for my paintings. This system helped me to start the overall composition and value placement before I let the process of painting take over. As time went on, I was able to become more inventive within my paintings. After studying the photographs and using them as inspiration, I am now beginning to fully create my own scenes. I start with a general idea, a sketch, and then the feeling and movement of my brush across the surface takes control.


The paintings are less realistic and are associated more with feelings, emotions, and movements within that time of day and place. Personally, I create landscapes that I find to have a relaxing presence. Nature has an incredible essence to it that is almost indescribable. I tend to create emphasis on areas such as skies and bodies of water because these two entities have great power that can capture your gaze. I hope that viewers are able to generate their own emotions to my created realities and imagine what it might be like to exist within that realm.

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